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What people are saying

I saw this popcorn at the store. The packaging caught my
eye, and it was on sale. It is SO Good! I am hooked and
I even bought some for my co-workers in my office.
They love it as well. Great Job!
-Elizabeth, Redmond OR
I cannot believe it. This popcorn tastes just like the kind you get at movie theatres! I don't know how you all managed to capture that delicious, buttery taste in a bag, but thank you. Now the next time I want movie theatre popcorn, I don't have to buy a $6 tub, plus a ticket to a movie I probably don't want to see in the first place.
Just wanted to let you know your popcorn is the best I've
had. My Mom is now hooked on it, as well as my friends
at work. Now I'm going to have to go buy more.
Thanks for the great product!

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