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The true history of authentic
Movie Theater Popcorn.

It began in the fall of 1946, when America was on a winning streak. Cars were getting bigger, Rock & Roll was being invented, and the Lily Popcorn Co. began making that crunchy, buttery treat that forever changed the way we watch movies. Back then, Lily Popcorn trucks would fan out from the central kitchen on Long Island to deliver fresh-popped corn to movie houses around New York City. Today, you can enjoy the same crunchy, buttery goodness at home. Just grab a bag, bust it open, turn the lights down and crank up the DVD player with your favorite flick.
Get ready to savor the complete
movie theater experience (without
your feet sticking to the floor).
Original Movie Theater Popcorn Bag
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Inspired by the kitchens of Dale and Thomas Popcorn