90 Calorie Snack Packs Order Movie Theater Popcorn
30 bags for 30 friends or 30 movies - Only 90 Calories

Introducing 90 Calorie Snack Packs
of Movie Theater Popcorn

Afraid to open a 4-oz. bag of Movie Theater Popcorn,
because you just know it's so good that you'll eat the
entire bag? Have you decided that since a full-size bag
of Movie Theater Popcorn is a perfect calorie substitute
for dinner, you'll be dining on our buttery popcorn in
place of a more traditional entrée tonight?
Bargain no more! We now present our irresistible,
kettle-cooked Movie Theater Popcorn in smart-sized bags
containing only 90 calories each. Now you can open a bag
without fear, knowing that when you reach the bottom of it,
you've consumed only a sensible 90 calorie portion.
Price includes thirty 0.6-oz. bags (only 90 calories each)
of our All Natural, Real Butter and Kettle Popped popcorn
and UPS ground shipping... all for only $24.
NEW! 90 Calorie Snack Packs! See us at the Fancy Food Show in NYC July 8-10
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Inspired by the kitchens of Dale and Thomas Popcorn